What are the shipping requirements of international express delivery giant DHL?

DHL is a subsidiary of the world’s top postal and logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL Group. It was founded in the United States and is currently a joint venture between Germany and the United States. It is one of the largest air express freight companies in the world, with operations in 220 countries and regions worldwide and over 340000 employees. DHL provides customers with a full range of logistics solutions from documents to supply chain management. Whether it is documents or packages, DHL can deliver them on the same day, with limited time, or with limited delivery.International express delivery giantsShipping requirements① Weight limit: Package ≤ 70kg.② Size limit: The longest side of a single package does not exceed 1.2 meters, which varies from country to country. For oversized and overweight packages, please consult with your cooperating freight forwarder or DHL official before shipping.(3) Delivery time and tariff standards.① Delivery time: Global delivery takes 2-7 working days for delivery.② Tariff standard: The website for inquiry is www.by56.com③ Freight calculation: Total freight=Basic freight+Surcharge.The calculation formula for “volume weight” is: (length CM x width CM x height CM) ÷ 5000. DHL uses volume conversion factors to calculate whether goods should be charged based on actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is greater.Surcharge:Remote Surcharge: Express packages to remote areas require an additional remote area surcharge (excluding the United States), with a standard of 3.6 yuan/kg and a minimum charge of 180 yuan per ticket. The remote area surcharge requires an additional fuel surcharge.Fuel surcharge: HKDHL’s fuel surcharge is already included in the shipping cost.

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