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Super Power Battery Shipping (over 100WH) Shipping:No danger package certificate, can arrange to pay for export. Maritime inspection included!Logistics Baba Xiaobian for you to sort out, battery goods will encounter more problems in the process of shipping.The main problems are as follows:1. The battery authentication certificate is not complete.MSDS,UN38.3/ Cargo Transport Identification – No data, expired data. Data is not qualified and other problems.2. The battery is overpowered and has no dangerous package certificate. Or the dangerous package certificate does not match the goods.In response to the above problems, logistics Baba opened up professional battery transport channels. Arrangements can be made to solve the above problems. You can pay for the exit all the way out or through Hong Kong. Arrange the shipment with the best and most cost-effective plan. Specific questions to consult logistics Baba customer service.1. Can the product with super power lithium battery go by sea LCL?It can be arranged. Logistics Baba opened up Hong Kong LCL channel. We can arrange export by LCL through Hong Kong. No battery information is required. The packing of goods needs to be noted that UN packing boxes are still required. Packaging battery cargo transport safety.Electric vehicles, electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, solar street lights and other products by sea bulk cargo LCL, ocean bills of lading do not show the original name, it is recommended to show the name of the product without batteries.If the original product name is to be displayed, it is necessary to provide MSDS, UN38.3, cargo transportation identification in advance, and confirm to the shipping company whether it can be displayed. The outer packing should not show dangerous labels and sensitive words.2. Super power energy storage battery shipping to the United States:American overseas special line can be arranged.Lithium batteries to the United States, use a strong rigid outer packaging, and depending on the type of lithium battery, additional marking and labeling may be required. When shipping lithium batteries to the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, ensure that the battery is free of any defects and damage, and will not produce heat, spontaneous combustion, or short circuit and other potentially dangerous conditions.Logistics Baba reminds the super power energy storage battery transportation to the United States to send FBA sea need to pay attention to:First of all, on the product packaging, due to the reason of high-power lithium batteries, it is necessary to use specific packaging materials to pack and do a good job of insulation.In the declaration, the pure battery is a more strict class of goods inspected by the customs of various countries, in addition to providing detailed customs clearance documents, but also to declare compliance to avoid the goods being detained.3. Detailed explanation of electric vehicle shipping export dry goods:1. What is DG Cabinet?DG cabinet, Danger Cargo, dangerous goods cabinet. Dangerous goods by sea are divided into nine categories, and what I want to talk about today is the ninth category, including super power batteries, electric vehicles, charging banks and other live products.2. Shipping numberThe most common battery shipping numbers include UN3480,3481,3171.UN3480 refers to lithium battery pack, super power battery, etcUN3481 refers to the battery pack installed in the device and the lithium battery pack packaged with the device, such as a flashlightUN3171 refers to battery-powered vehicles or battery-powered devices, generally including electric bicycles, scooters, etc3. How to identify the general cabinet or DG cabineta. If a single battery does not exceed 20WH or a battery pack does not exceed 100WH, install it in a general cabinetb. If the single battery exceeds 20WH, or the battery pack exceeds 100WH, it shall be labeled with Category 9 dangerous goods and packed into UN box and DG cabinet4. Information required for shippingNon-hazardous batteries need to prepare MSDS, Marine Transport Report,UN38.3Super power batteries need to prepare MSDS, Marine transport report,UN38.3, dangerous bag certificateA.n38.3 refers to the lithium battery operating code, namely UN38.3(UNDOT) test. All shipments involving air and sea shipments containing lithium batteries, whether it is a small button battery, a battery installed on the device, or a battery packaged with the device, must have UN38.3 certification.Test items generally include height simulation, high and low temperature cycle, vibration test, impact test, 55℃ external short circuit, impact test, overcharge test, forced discharge test, etc. If the lithium battery is not installed with the device, and each package contains more than 24 cells or 12 batteries, it must also pass the 1.2 m free drop test. The test period is about 2-3 weeks.B. Marine survey report1. Apply for power of attorney, print and seal after review;2.UN38.3 Test report (with CNAS seal) and UN38.3 test summary;3. Packaging information (gross weight of package, net weight of battery, equipment name, equipment model, quantity, outer box size, equipment picture, outer box picture);4.1.2m drop report (if applicable);Sample 5.1-2.Processing usually takes 3-5 working days4. Can batteries be transported by international sea? How to ship battery products?Lithium batteries are classified as class 9 dangerous goods, which need to be exported through formal channels, provide MSDS dangerous bag certificate, and relevant export declaration documents, some non-dangerous batteries can be shipped by LCL, and some dangerous batteries need to be shipped by FCL.There are many kinds of batteries, usually batteries belong to 9 types of dangerous goods, different battery types of battery characteristics are different, safety characteristics are different, batteries are used to drive mobile phones and digital cameras, notebook personal computers, power tools, toys, clocks, cars, UPS and so on. Batteries can be roughly divided into disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries. Moreover, there are many types according to the combination of positive and negative electrodes of disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries. Due to the different types of batteries, the performance and characteristics are different, and the safety level is different

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